Gritty Ambition started with a clear road map. To hand you the whole plan to Healthy Wellbeing Model (HWM) easy to understand and gives you all the options available. We want to empower and put you in control of your lifestyle (wellbeing) destiny. Gritty Ambition puts you in the driver’s seat, a process that gives everyday people living everyday lives a genuine opportunity to reach their full potential—the province of Grit.



In the beginning, it was my brother, some of our University friends, and I just training to transform our body and wellbeing. We applied what we have learned in Psychology, the Kinesiology program and other classes to our routine—going back to 2008. I remember that mindset led to my brother intensifying his training to compete as a bodybuilder. He exponentially intensified his exercise and attitude, leading to winning the IDFA competition in 2012 and coming 2nd National. I witnessed the process, and I also jumped into the mentality of competing.

Followed his workout routine, I added some of my research into the mix, and I got injured four months before the competition. That was it for me. The world was a different place back then! Everybody was doing it because they saw somebody doing it, and they figured, hey, why not; I give it a try? You just figured if you followed what somebody was doing, you would eventually get to where they are someday. Unfortunately, many people got lost, stuck on the way or in the process. I learned that lesson, so what did I do, went back to the basic, asked my brother questions, jot it down. Like our university years, we worked together and collected data to work with our body type or wellbeing. Approached people who had gone before us and asked them questions, brought into our sphere of influences people with the same mindsets going for the same goals. My brother came out with a Nutritional Calorie diet for healthy wellbeing and working out through that process. I end up naming it the ED Grit Factor.

I remembered us talking about doing something or having a platform to share our experiences, whether doing a podcast or having a website in the winter of 2013-2014. Looking back now, we had no idea that the world of Fitness (health and wellness) would blow up in the way that it has over the past 13 years. No more try my magic juice, and you would feel great, no more Aladdin – Genie granting you the three magic wishers of healthy wellbeing. We have evolved, and people are on a new journey for accurate information about their health. We’re more conscious of our wellbeing than ever before, and we can see how the world is changing with that. Exploring the science of Identity – our personality, for example, has given us the wisdom in understanding what matters most to our wellbeing and how our character can be changed to make our life better than before.

Our journey has led us to this point, and we want to help share our experiences, research and resources with you so you can make educated decisions for yourself. Gritty Ambition puts you in the driver’s seat with your road map to succeed in step-by-step education that beginners and pros alike can use to start, grow and supercharge their lifestyle (wellbeing) destiny.

In Gritty Ambition – We define “Grit as the ability to persist in working toward goals” with the absence of fear or failure and utilizing what makes us human – Body, Mind (thinking) and soul (emotion). These interact together to create who we are as a person.

The tools we are presenting here guide that process, and I hope you would travel with us on the Gritty Ambition map to success.


We want to talk with you if you have been asking the WIIFY or WIIFM question. So if you have been asking, what can I get out of this? If you have asked that question before or even now, then “we would suggest it is a handful one.” Truthfully, you would get out of Gritty Ambition – your wellbeing or Lifestyle what you put into it. That means there are different levels of effective gain effort from this process.

  • The No Effective Gain Effort – If you did nothing, no effort, you would get tiny (if anything) back. Nobody would force you to do anything or ask you to participate in any way.
  • The Little Effective Gain Effort – If you put in a little effort, then you’ll probably find it an OK few days.
  • The Moderate Effective Gain Effort – If you put in a moderate effort, then there will be a lot in Gritty Ambition for you.
  • The Big Effective Gain Effort – If you put in a big effort and are in the “All in mindset,” then the Gritty Ambition process could change your entire life.


  • Effective Effort Matrix, James Anderson.



Developing a strong Grit mindset can play an essential role in almost every aspect of your life road map. The life road map is full of challenges, and having high levels of true Gritty Ambition can help you deal with life difficulties more effectively. Your belief in your abilities to persist can predict all sort of positive outcomes in life; your mental toughness – how motivated you feel, how you think about your wellbeing and the amount of effort you put into achieving those goals (“10,000-hour rule”).


One of my favourite quotes comes from great writer George Bernard Shaw who once noted:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

Process and think about that idea. We suggest it’s a big one. So if you want to travel on and with the road map to Healthy Wellbeing Model (HWM), you will work hard for it but on your terms but with help, and it may seem unreasonable, but trust us, it works.

We’re not going to waste our time misleading you but share our personal experiences, professors, Authors and online resources that provide the guidance that gives everyday people living everyday lives the abilities to improve their lifestyle (wellbeing) destiny. We give you the help you need to apply right away to feel great and healthy.

We’re in together.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below, and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Team Gritty,