Have you ever wondered why people fade away from business opportunities, even when it comes to lifestyle choices.?

When I began my mentoring, leadership journey, and when I built my business online and offline, I learned the hard way. Fortunately, I was lucky not to quiet because of the people I met.

To dive into this, we must remind ourselves that rejection requires no apologies and does not permit alibis to your dreams or goals.

“If the thing we wish to do is right and we believe in it, we need to go ahead and do it! We need to put our dreams across and never mind what “people” say if we meet with temporary defeat, for “people,” perhaps, do not know that every failure, every rejection brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” Napoleon Hill.

So why do people fade away and don’t make it? Because they attached themselves to the “NO’s” they did receive when they shared their experiences or opportunities with someone. They take the “NO’s” as a personal rejection instead of “NO” to the business opportunities. Have you ever wondered why people in business, lifestyle wellness usually say you have to love what you are about and be its foundation? Because when you are out there, start sharing about your dream and talking about the opportunities you have, you abound to hear “NO,” THANK YOU, and I’m not interested. What a…., or you might even hear all the scam stories.

Think about this for a second; if you’re out there sharing your stories with people, you’re not 100% rooted and committed to what you about, if you’re unsure that the opportunity gets results, and people will get the results they needed, or you have what it takes to succeed, guess what happened after going through a lot of “NO’s” especially if you are at the beginning of your journey? Imagine going through another more ‘NO’s,” and I bet you are gone and done with this.


So, how did I beat the odds? I was lucky to meet a mentor when I was going through the ‘NO’s” situation at the beginning. He took me under his wings, taught me a lot about rejections. He taught me how to overcome them and disassociate myself from the “NO’s.” One of the most foundation skills I learned at the start, and we all know how nobody likes the feeling of getting turn down, especially when you are the one with the opportunity.

My mentor introduced me to Mr. John Maxwell, and he also helped me see the bigger picture. His book “SOMETIMES YOU WIN & SOMETIME YOU LEARN,” which I change to sometimes you win them and sometimes lose them, gave me the confidence at the beginning to accept the “NO’s.” I said to myself, watch this – who is Next, I know this opportunity will change people’s lives, and these people I’m sharing with at the moment are not ready for it yet. Next!


I’m not here to persuade you or convince you. That was the pivotal moment that changes everything. I have the opportunity, have the experience, have faith, and I’m going to share this opportunity with the right people at the right time, and nothing can shake me.

So guess what? Some will, Some won’t, So what, Someone wants it – Next.

The truth is, when we are out sharing with other people our opportunities, dream, vision or goals, some are going to say yes, and some are going to say. “NO.”

As you continue to receive NO’s, out there somewhere, someone is waiting for you; your ideas, opportunity, vision, dreams, and goals to kick start theirs. Your obedience is at the end of Someone else’s deliverance. It’s simple as that. The next time you share your opportunity, dreams, vision or goals with Someone, remember the acronym: SW-SW-SW-SW.

We’re in this together!